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Organizational & Location Changes


By: D. B. O'Maley June 2018

In prior postings about our Annual Event in Austin, it was reported that the Board of the Association elected me as President, succeeding Keith Christensen. I am pleased to have been a member since 2010, and have enjoyed being on the Board for the past 6 years. During that time the association has grown considerably, as has the fleet of delivered Embraer aircraft.


Our association has been very ably led by Keith for the last several years, and I want to acknowledge his significant contribution and leadership; as well as that of the other board members (All Directors are continuing: Jay Obernolte, Gary James, William Midon, Keith and myself). Also, Mr. Mark Twombly, our only employee, has served as Executive Director since the Association was formed. Mark has done an excellent job, often under some challenging circumstances. At our Board meeting in April, Mark advised Keith and myself of his desire to move on, such that he might focus on his professional flying career. Our thanks and sincere appreciation to Mark Twombly for all he has done to help the Phenom Association (as it was founded), and now, EJOA grow and develop. Our thanks to Mark.


Often when there are "big changes" in an organization, such as a changing of the guard (President), and in this case also our managing principal, it affords us the opportunity to step back and do a self-examination. Such has been the case here and the Board and I have developed a new strategic plan and approach for our association. The single driving factor behind this new strategy and approach is that we "focus on the customer" which is you, "THE MEMBER." The association exists for the purpose of helping to make the experience of owning and operating an Embraer Aircraft (Phenom or Legacy) a better one…more enjoyable, as financially viable as possible, and hopefully adding to a safer operation. We want you to be a part of an association that is "valuable" and delivers a Value Proposition that makes being a member a positive experience and enjoyable.


We have a clear understanding that as an ownership association, our role is on the periphery. We are not the OEM, nor the maintenance facility, nor the training operation. However, we interact with all of those, and we can bring together thinking, experience, resources, and a forum from which your interaction can lead to the value proposition I mentioned. We believe there is strength in numbers, and we seek your active support and participation.

So, what are the plans ahead?


First and foremost our #1 priority was to conduct a search for a new Executive Director who can help execute our strategic plan effectively. We have sought an individual who can bring industry knowledge, experience, and leadership skills to aid in accomplishing our mission. In addition, we plan to employ the right person in such a manner that they can make working on this mission their singular professional focus (as opposed to EJOA being a supplement or being a secondary career).


I am pleased to report we believe we have executed on this first task very effectively. With the unanimous support of the Board, I am pleased to announce Mr. Mark Stear will assume the role of Executive Director of the Embraer Jet Operators Association, effective June 16th. Some of you may know Mark, as he was an Embraer Regional Sales Manager for 5 years.


An Aeronautical Engineer by education (Neil Armstrong was his professor), he has worked as an engineer for Learjet and other aerospace companies early in his career. He also worked for Citation Shares, and post tenure with Embraer, he ran a division of a regional aviation company where he was focused on "customer acceptance" of Phenom Jets in San Jose dos Campos, Brazil, where he managed the acceptance of 26 Phenoms (100s & 300s) and coordinated their deliveries all over the world. So, he knows aviation, knows aircraft design and engineering, has sold jets, is a private pilot, and is intimately familiar with Embraer's airplanes, and the company. He is very excited to have the opportunity to cap off his career focusing on helping grow our Association and helping us become significantly more important, and responsive to our membership. May I suggest that you reach out to Mark when you have the chance and be sure and suggest any ideas you have for how we can assist as I described above.


Mark Stear lives in Cincinnati, and so that we may more effectively support our membership, we will be opening EJOA's first office, and welcome any of you to stop by after we get established. We anticipate a location on or near Cincinnati's Lunken (KLUK) airport.  Having a real situs will be important to assist in bringing resources to bear on our project and work. With the opening of the office, we will be hiring a full-time administrator, whose number one priority will be answering your calls, emails and texts in a timely manner. If he or she cannot resolve your question or situation, the administrator will help you find the people who can. Additionally, our web site needs significant resource focus to be more useful to you and to the Association's personnel such that it is a friendlier and more user-friendly support tool. There are a lot of opportunities to add value both for our new Executive Director and our to-be-hired administrative assistant.


What all of this hopefully suggests is a vision, strategy, and commitment to being a viable association that is focused on the mission of helping its members. We want you to have a great experience owning, operating, and flying your Phenom or Legacy. This is a journey and the changing of the guard and a new Executive Director are merely the first two steps. We will update you as we progress...look to the web site and Contrails Magazine for steps 3 & 4....and beyond.


Thank you.





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