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Revision 2.0 now in App Store
Revision 2.0 is a major update to myPhenom and includes:
  1. The latest weight and cabin configurations for all current Phenom models.
  2. NI engine settings for takeoff.
  3. Single-engine operation during cruise.
  4. Weight and temperature limits during hot and high operations.
  5. Warning messages regarding runway length restrictions.
  6. Updated worldwide airport database.
  7. Minor bug fixes.

Flight Calculator

myPhenom is a powerful iPad app that is an Electronic Flight Bag for Embraer Phenom 100 and 300 aircraft. Calculate weight and balance, takeoff, cruise and landing performance data. All in one, easy to use app.

Store weight and balance data on all your Phenom 100 and 300 aircraft. Easy to input weight and balance computation with real-time graphical representation of CG envelope.

Calculate takeoff and landing MAC and interpolated takeoff and landing calculations based on POH data. Includes world airport runway database. Automatically populates airport weather data from most recent METAR (requires Internet connection). Calculates data for all POH provided runway conditions.

Interpolated cruise performance calculations from POH data. Provides specific-range calculations adjusted for winds aloft for all POH provided cruise settings allowing pilots to calculate maximum range cruise speeds based on wind, altitude, SAT and weight.

Free for current members of the Embraer Jet Operators Association.

The myPhenom app is for educational and demonstration purposes only. Always refer to current FAA manuals for flight planning.


Real-time graphical weight and balance
World airports, METARS and runway conditions
Speed, weights, runway lengths, warnings
Cruise settings based on flight conditions

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