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APS Upset Prevention and Recovery Training

The Embraer Jet Operators Association has formed a new member-benefit partnership with Aviation Performance Solutions, the leading provider of Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) to overcome Loss of Control In-flight.

Loss of Control In-flight (LOC-I) is defined as flight that occurs outside of the normal flight envelope with an inability of the pilot to control the aircraft. The NTSB has pointed to LOC-I as the primary category of accident in every segment of aviation including personal, instructional, business and corporate flying sectors. As the NTSB's top aviation safety concern in its 2016 Most Wanted List, LOC-I accounts for more than 40% of all fatalities in general aviation. According to the FAA's website, a fatal LOC-I accident occurs every four days in the United States.

APS's three-day jet pilot UPRT program includes:

  • Preparatory web-based self-study course to include all aspects of the industry-recognized Airplane Upset Recovery Training Aid
  • On-aircraft Professional Pilot Upset Training program (4.5 in-flight missions and 8.5 hours of specialized ground instruction)
  • 1-hour jet-specific high performance briefing for jet pilots
  • A culminating 2-hour upset-specific, advanced multi-engine glass cockpit simulator session with an expert APS instructor

And, EJOA members in good standing receive a $500 discount on the price of the optional A4 Skyhawk High-Altitude/High Mach Jet Upset Training flight.

APS also will be providing EJOA with relevant safety articles focusing on loss-of- control issues.

To download additional EJOA Loss of Control In-Flight (LOC-I) information or register for the APS UPRT program and receive the EJOA member-discount, click below.


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