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Bruce's Custom Covers Offers
Embraer Jet Operators Association Members' Discount

Bruce's Customs Covers, which makes a variety of engine, airframe, and windshield/window protective covers for the Phenoms and Legacies is offering Embraer Jet Operators Association members an exclusive 15 percent discount on its products.

Bruce's "Bikini" engine covers are especially popular with Phenom owners because of their light weight, small storage size, and the fact that they stay put once slipped onto the engine nacelles.

Bruce also makes conventional engine covers and plugs, nose/canopy/cockpit covers, wing covers, pitot covers, and windshield and cabin window heat shields.

Phenom 100 and Phenom 300 Specifications, Order Forms, and Price Sheets are available here:

Phenom 100Phenom 300

To see all of Bruce's Phenom and Legacy products, go to the company's website at and click on the "Jets" button on the right, then scroll down to Embraer on the manufacturer's listing. You'll see separate listings for the Phenom 100, Phenom 300 and Legacy 500.

Clicking on either one will take you to extensive product listings, and an order form.

When you get to the payment page, be sure to include the special coupon code


This will enable our 15 percent discount. Note that you can have your aircraft registration imprinted on covers for a nominal charge.

You can also order products by calling Bruce's Custom Covers at 408-738-3959. Ask for Javier Uranga; he is familiar with our program. Mention the coupon code above.

You can also email Javier at


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