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The Embraer Jet Operators Association 2018 annual conference in Austin, Texas, concluded with record attendance, news, and a cargo hold full of technical presentations.


To read the full conference report and view conference technical presentations, go here:


Austin Report and Presentations


The conference attracted 200 Phenom and Legacy owners, operators, and pilots and their guests as well as Embraer Executive Jets staffers and representatives from 19 sponsoring companies, 34 exhibiting companies, Embraer authorized service centers, and product and service suppliers. The conference was held in conjunction with Embraer’s Executive Operators Conferences for the Phenom 100 and 300, Legacy 450 and 500, Legacy 600 and 650, and Lineage, with total attendance reaching 375 people.


Two days before the conference began Garmin made the long-awaited announcement that is will offer the NXi1000 upgrade for Prodigy 1000-equipped Phenom 100s and 300s. (Garmin, rather than Embraer, will certify the NXi1000 for Phenoms.) The upgrade, which involves installation of three new high-resolution screens and new software, is expected to be available in the first quarter of 2019. Price is expected to be about $60,000. (Eagle Creek Aviation Services donated two NXi1000 upgrades to the association’s annual conference auction, and each went for $54,000 - a very good deal for the high bidders.)


Embraer came to the Austin conference with a lot of news on planned and proposed upgrades for the Phenom 100 and 300. Luis Colarino, who handles Embraer’s Aircraft Enhancements Business, provided details on 26 current and in-development upgrades for the Phenom 100, and 15 for the 300, ranging from a premium entry door and Phenom 100EV Fadec for the 100, to heated aft baggage compartment and Gogo internet packages for the 300.


The conference also produced some news regarding the proposed Tamarack active winglets for the Phenom 100. Tamarack’s Nick Guido and Gary Heavin announced that the company will soon begin formal flight testing of the active winglets on a Phenom 100. The flight-test program is expected to take about two months.


The flight test was given the go-ahead because Tamarack's table-top engineering review indicates significant performance increases in range and useful load, and Phenom owners have shown a high level of interest in the product.


Embraer will not be a partner in the program, as is Cessna with Tamarack’s active winglet modification on a variety of Citation models. Maury Yamazaki, Embraer’s Director of Maintenance Programs Engineering & Aircraft Enhancements, told conference attendees that Embraer and Tamarack “have concluded many rounds of discussions to explore the opportunities and predict impacts to the Phenom 100/E/EV with the active winglet modification.


“Embraer respects Tamarack technical capabilities” to engineer the modification, Yamazaki said, however, based on its engineering analysis, Embraer “does not anticipate” the 15 to 20 percent increase in range that Tamarack has been projecting. Embraer does not object to Tamarack developing and offering the active winglet modification to Phenom owners, Yamazaki noted, but Embraer will not take an active part in the program.


One implication of Embraer’s decision is that any scheduled or unscheduled maintenance or repairs required that involve the winglets will not be covered under the owner’s EEC (Embraer Executive Care) warranty program.


The 2019 annual conference will be held June 2-5 at the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans.






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